Baby Step 1: Why Just One Thousand Dollars

 By     09-11-2014    2 Comments

Lots of people wonder why the emergency fund recommendation to begin the Dave Ramsey baby steps is $1000.00.  I would suggest that before you question the amount, try to understand what a true emergency is, so the $1000.00 will be put into better perspective.[ad#OMS_160X600] True emergencies, in … [Read more...]

The Debit Card Credit Card Debate

 By     11-20-2013    1 Comment

In a recent article by Chris Lingebach entitled 4 Places to never use a debit card, Chris outlines a few points that seem to make sense on the surface, but unfortunately, they're practices that assume an already existing breakdown in personal financial management if analyzed from a conservative … [Read more...]

A Few Critical Money Tips for Real Estate Agents

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When you're self employed, YOU are responsible for more than you think.  As an employee, which you may have been familiar with up until the point you decided to become self employed, your employer handled your taxes and social security for you. Now that you're self employed, you MUST have a … [Read more...]